Ethoxyquin in Salmon

German researcher found Ethoxyquin in Salmon.More


New Newsletter N° 15 - October 2015 Now Online

Topics: Laboratory News, Chelation Therapy and Diagnostics, Note from the Editor, Practical tips from Dr. Strey - Injection needles, Contrasting agents and diagnostic aspect, Sample Shipping, Conferences and Workshops 2015 /...More

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New Newsletter N° 14 - June 2015 Now Online

Topics: Laboratory News, Toxic Metals (Excerpt from OSHA), Provocation test - General information, Baseline urine reference ranges, Quality assessment for Blood, Hair and Urine, Conferences and Workshops 2015, Studies and...More

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Printed edition of book Gentle Detox - The Natural Detoxification Program as of now published

Nutrients such as antioxidants and amino acids have the ability to detoxify an overburdened system. This booklet helps you understand environmentally-caused symptoms, it helps you select useful diagnostic tests and provides...More

25.05.2015Book Cover Printed edition of book Gentle Detox - The Natural Detoxification Program

The Intestinal Barrier in Air Pollution-Associated Neural Invol vement in Mexico City Residents

Mind the Gut, the Evolution of a Chan ging Paradigm Relevant to Parkinson Disease RiskMore

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Long Term Exposure To Air Pollution May Cause Brain Damage

Air pollution could result in brain damage affecting cognitive function, according to a new study. These changes have been observed in middle-aged and older adults exposed to even moderate levels of pollution throughout the...More

05.05.2015Air Pollution

Bees Attracted to Toxic Pesticides

Some of the commonly-used neonicotinoid pesticides have been shown to pose a serious risk to wild bees according to two scientific studies in the journal Nature this week. In the largest outdoor field trial todate, looking at the...More

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