Note: There are a number of protocols recommended for the use of oral DMPS by Aposhian, Daunderer, Nerodova and Quig. Some make use of the 24-hr urine, others use a 6hr collection period. Our rational for using the 3hr collection time is based on the bioavailability of oral DMPS, and supporting studies.[i

  • Peak metal excretion time is approximately 2-3hrs after intake.
  • At least one day before the test no mineral supplements, chlorella and/or fish shall be consumed.
  • The patient should not smoke after 10PM the night before the test. Ask to list how many cigarettes are smoked on a daily basis.
  • Prior to ingesting the DMPS capsule(s), patient should void bladder. Approximately 20ml of that should be collected in a urine collection cup. This will be the baseline urine

The Oral Provocation Test:

  • The general recommendation for adults is 10mg/kg BW, half or less of that dose for children. Aposhian and others recommended 300mg to max 500mg DMPS for adults.
  • Oral DMPS is best given on an empty stomach with 200-500ml of water taken during the urine collection time.
  • Urine collection time is 2-3hrs. If the patient cannot hold the urine in the bladder for the duration of the collection time, all urine must be saved in a urine collection container.
  • Of the collected urine, 10ml is transferred to the laboratory tube, which should be market with the patient name and the chelating agent used i.e. Mary Miller, DMPS Provocation. This is the Provocation Urine.
  • After the collection time, ample of water should be consumed. Normal meals can be eaten.

[i] Gerhard I et al. Diagnostik der chronischen Quecksilberbelastung. Clin Lab 43(7+8)637-647 (1997)